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From 0-1000000 search consultant, how I do it?

First, the search of confusion
I remember many years ago, the beginning of the first day to do the search. I tidied written on white paper, then surgery, rehearsed a dozen times, the courage to set aside as a recruiter first call. May never expected that the candidate has done numerous HR and communicated, I voice on the phone is actually trembling.

Since the phone is on, I began a long career in executive search practice. Continued forward, continue to advance, but also continue to suffer all kinds of confusion: just call headhunters, do telephone sales it? Why do some candidates / HR do not respect me? How do I get their respect and recognition? So many jobs to do, how do I choose? What advantages do I search? How to create my advantage? How long can this headhunting career in the end do?

Now, I have already among the one million search consultant, he served almost all of the top companies in the Internet industry, but also friends and founded his own executive search firm together. I can look back on a growth path, in addition to experience the slightest sense of accomplishment, more growing pains and hardships of transformation.

The only news is that those who are no longer confused confusion, once confused and becomes more and more firm!

Through this article, I put my grown to one million mentality and experience to be a consultant to share, I hope you can give us some help in the growth path. Not always right, but they are numerous practical experience I summarized and inner truth.

Second, positioning & Professional
I summarize the growth path, the two key words can be summed up in two words: Positioning & professional.

Positioning, including the role of search of work positioning, sales positioning, positioning position (profession, job, rank / salary, geographical) in three aspects.

Professional, it is the focus of industry consultants, jobs, how to accumulate and create a professional degree, to form their own competitive advantage. Including professional knowledge, professional skills in two ways.

Third, positioning
1, headhunting Role
Say who was then the words cis, cis-made into the matter! To search under gorgeous BD HR, Hold live candidates, the first and most important thing is to find your location, get your birthright, find your role.

According to previous experience, I feel a lot of headhunting counterparts did not seem to put themselves in the role, not only the right thing to do not affect the performance, but also due to the deviation of the Role rarely get professional achievement, simple inventory:
(1) Biography Filter: sea Amoy variety resume, find someone willing to consider the recommendation to HR like
(2) Sales & messaging by telephone: Call for candidates to post information to tell candidates willing to consider pushing for HR, do not consider him gone with the wind
(3) Logistics Services Officer: Candidates answer all kinds of questions unconditionally meet the various requirements of candidates

Chinese characters really profound, really put the words search consultant Role headhunters say very clearly.

Accurate search = Search
Consultants who deliver value = + professional influencers

Frankly, many headhunters do the work, more focused on the search link. And in terms of skills consultant, influence and persuade candidates is relatively weak. This caused a lot of character missing headhunting friends feel their daily work, is the non-stop search and call, only to get the commission when the flash of pleasure, more often dark sweep List and playing a variety of life-threatening Deception Call.

I understand that recruiters are targeting:
(1) Search Precision
According to job needs to quickly look for appropriate target candidates, three words to sum up is fast, accurate and relentless.

Headhunting industry competition heats up, so we have to get people to open up a strong pattern. When you dig with a small pincers when someone else has already dispatched a large bulldozer. If you look for links from you lose at the starting line, the result naturally imagined.

To achieve precise Search, I feel the need to do the following:
■ Demand for office accurate understanding and judgment
■ good communication and HR, dynamic and constantly get information posts
■ good job during the operation, the dynamic information collection job candidate interview process
■ map the distribution of talent to understand, or through other effective channels to target companies and target groups
■ Search channel selection, Search Tips
■ accumulation of daily connections
■ + character luck :)

(2) Value transmitters & professional influencers
The company information, job information, career planning and other information, as summarized by their gold content valuable information or advice, and candidates in the communication process through appropriate manner (telephone, mail, micro-letters, etc.), the these valuable information or professional advice to the candidates through the appropriate way affect the candidates (interview, accepted Offer).

Recruiter to candidate positions and company information, compare kidney 6, BMW these objects, a recruiter is an invisible product, knowledge of the candidates 90% depending on the product introduction headhunting. So you can only company, valuable information is passed to the precise position of the candidate, the candidate endorsed these values will be willing to offer hands resume.

Each person's life is no eject button, it is irreversible. Shorter career, career choice is irreversible. A successful career choices can make a meteoric rise, a failed career choice may people beyond redemption. When faced with a candidate career choice, when your heart is very relaxed and you have recommended position suits him, do you have can show your shining career planning recommendations for candidates to accept your proposal to the workplace of his life post Give you!

To do affect the value delivery and professional, I feel the need to do the following:
Learn ■ industry information, company information, job information
■ understanding of the flow of talent trends such positions, career advancement channel
■ information gathering, summarize, summarized ability
■ for people sensitive to the needs of the candidates perception and judgment
■ appropriate means of communication, and then surgery

(3) human resource integration industry
Who saw "A World Without Thieves" movie people will remember Ge a classic lines: What is the most expensive in the 21st century, people!

With headhunting the longer, the more I think the value of the executive search industry, because our service is the talent, and the best talent pyramid.

From the microscopic point of view, it is a search into a Case. But from a macro point of view the industry, in fact, is the largest executive search industry by integrating human resources. Based on human resource optimization this point, the industry's best, most scarce talent into what you want, or you can position itself to play a greater value. Optimize the allocation of human resources industry as a whole, to enhance the effectiveness of human resources, and promote the development of the industry.

So if you search at the moment there are around friends, please, and he Give me five, because we are doing a great career shiny cow!

2, the search marketing positioning
Living or dead, that is the question! Headhunting belong to the nature of the work of sales, marketing in the end what is? This is a problem!

In my opinion, there are three levels of sales search:
(1) to sell their
(2) and then sell the company and position
(3) and then sell the future

(1) to sell their
Sell their purpose is to allow the other side to accept from you emotionally ready to listen to you, to produce a preliminary sense of trust, the following products to choose from for Sell yourself:
■ Sound
■ warm, sincere, appeal
■ Professional
■ common interests, common experiences, of a thing the same views and opinions
■ credit, responsibility
■ adhere to continuous follow-up
■ ......

(2) and then sell the company and position
Not simply about the company, the level positions, salary and other information, but also summed up selling the company, the position, matching the needs of the candidates, do targeted value delivery.

Summary about selling methods, suggest that you find the degree of your mother, FAB search rule, I usually summarize selling approach is inspired by FAB law.

PS: F That Feature characteristics or properties, A namely Advantage effects or advantages, B That Benefit, refers to the role of superiority or give customers the benefits.

(3) and then sell the future
Anyone job will not only consider the money, will take into account future career development. If you only start to finish and candidates talk about money, the candidates had to talk to you about money, hurt feelings or else too!

Offer includes any tangible (money, position, location, etc.) and intangible (future career choices, development) in two parts, both the severity of the proportion varies.

In my opinion, there are three levels to sell the future:
■ industry
■ career advancement path
■ width career choice

3, position positioning headhunting (industry, job, rank / salary, geographic)
Headhunting After all, the man who is the executive search consultant and competition between the search consultant. Person's energy is limited, how can the limited effort to better serve candidates win other search and create better value.

My choice is to focus, choose to focus on industry, position, rank / salary, geography. Currently the industry more fire PS model has to focus on the benefits more clearly to say, fly in the ointment is the question of how to talk about the PS mode more focus after the operation, how to locate and concentrate on industry, the job is not much to talk about.

I would say at this position located some personal point of view, I think the job can be positioned from several factors to consider:
■ development of the industry cycle (growth, rising period, the outbreak period, stable period, the decline of)
■ Target position overall demand increase? Flat? or decreasing?
■ industry, company, job title are familiar with? If there are appropriate resources (pool / BD resources / personnel resources)
■ Talent Search mode and consultants good point whether the match (CC, referrals, conferences, Web Search, etc.)
■ talent good point communication style and consultants whether match

For example, we have a division has been focused on the Internet technical positions, there are several reasons:
■ Internet industry in the absence of boundary expansion (mobile Internet, O2O, Internet banking, intelligent hardware, etc.)
■ Technology Careers in great demand and increasing every year
■ Technology Careers belong just to be
■ technical personnel frequently change jobs, an average of 2--3 years once quit
■ high pay level technical positions
■ focus on Internet technology consultant jobs over five years for the industry, company, position is well aware
■ There are rich resources of talent pool

Fourth, professional
We must first of its profits. Measure of a professional headhunter or not, whether they have executive search expertise and professional skills are two of the largest scale.

Business is war, if the search of work seen as the battlefield, then knowledge is your weaponry, skills that you use weaponry skills.

Are you ready to defenseless on the battlefield? Take the chopper? Take Hanyang rifle? Good thunder? Take heavy machine guns? Open strategic bombers? or directly dispatched bomb? Totally depends on you how much of the available expertise. So please do not do not know God horse situation hurried retreat contact your candidate, because it is naked, you know SARFT allowed :)

When you're ready to open a powerful machine gun fire, he suddenly found that you want to change the cartridges do not know how to change. When you are ready to launch a missile hit the target when aiming how do not know. This is the problem of skills. Is also a sniper rifle, sniper is in the hands of the enemy artifact, and perhaps in the hands of ordinary people to make the same rifle.

1, knowledge
According to the characteristics of the executive search industry, I put into the knowledge industry, company, position, latitude four people, including the following table:
know how
By industry
Industry Concepts
Business forms
product line
Business Model / revenue model (how to make money)
On behalf of the company
the company
Company / Personnel / Regional
Business forms
product line
Business Model / revenue model (how to make money)
Level / Salary System
Main technical language
Core Position / Top Talent
Advantages and disadvantages
Job Title
Project direction
Key posts
Distribution industry personnel
Industry mobility
Job promotion channel (the same sequence of positions / jobs across sequences)
Industry Characteristics scarce talent
Talent Characteristics
Personality traits
Communication Style
Occupational demand
How to deal with internal referrals?

2, skills
Skills, I personally do not like the so-called communication skills, analytical skills and other individual ability as a skill, I think the ability to belong, not belong skills.

I understand the skills that can complete a matter of skill, such as playing BD telephone skills, skills do resume, interview coaching skills. Headhunting process is a lot of work, consisting of a lot of things, if you have to deal with each stage things are good skills, you can almost always inevitable.

According to this idea, I need to search the skills summarized as follows:
Customer BD
Customer Relationship Management
Job Analysis
Analysis of key posts
Target / target population
Candidate search, recommendation
Search, look for candidates
Initial telephone communication, job description, information gathering, determine intent
Compose / Send JD
Candidates Follow, determine intent
Follow CV, finishing CV, recommendation
Follow-up interview
Interview invitation
Counselling interview
Interview process follow-up, management
Offer negotiation
Offer to discuss
Entry up
Separation counseling, follow-up
Entry to follow up after the entry track
Development of informants
Relationship maintenance and development as informants
Data Management
Search List / CV / QQ / micro-channel data management and other personnel
Time Management
Day, week, month, time management

Maybe someone will ask you listed so much knowledge and skills, learn when to finish it? I can only use eight words back to you "is life, learning more than" the knowledge and skills by no means easy, and you need to be a conscientious, accumulated bit by bit in the everyday, in success and failure staggered sort of understanding, experience the hope and despair of reincarnation.

If you ask me how to do it? Only a simple sentence:

Because I want to find my own headhunting life!


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